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Viva Calabria

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When you live in a town full of gangsters and molls, you get used to hearing the stories. First it was the Vescovo clan, keeping everything in order and everyone in their place. It was all about tradition and morals, those days. You paid your protection money, and nobody got hurt. That kind of order wasn't enough for everyone, though.

The Monacello kid was always an upstart, but when he up and left Vescovo to start his own Family, you bet there was trouble. He didn't have the blood and years to make something like the Old House had, but there were plenty of unsavory characters to fill up his books until the classier sorts joined his cause.

You know how this story goes. North shooting South, cats fighting dogs, capos sending their crew to blow up city blocks. Nothing ruins a good town like a gang war, and it sure seemed that was how Reggio was gonna fall.

If you listen to the Catholics, they'll say it was God's will. He came down on this city, holy wrath chasing the criminals from these streets in that sickly golden glow of heat, cleaning out the Devil's nest and leaving the buildings for the rats. The news these days doesn't put much stock in miracles, though, and any scientist will tell you it was another radiation storm that just happened to hit Reggio di Calabria.

They picked up and left, those who could afford it and those who knew what was good for them, finding some more hospitable place to live until the radiation cleared out and it was safe again. It wasn't supposed to take more than a few months, but like everything else in Reggio, things didn't go the way they planned.

One year later, the city was finally declared clean. One man at a time, the families sent in their subordinates. Building by building, street by street, they picked up the mess left by looters and fleeing citizens, until this ghost town was shining like a new lira.

It's back to the good old family values, and this time, the word of the mafia is law. They're feeling pretty secure on their thrones, holding the shakiest truce you've ever seen and taking care of business as usual. Don't let your guard down; the forecast is calling for an icy day in Hell.


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Viva Calabria is a multifandom, dystopian mafia roleplay set in Reggio di Calabria, Italy. Though the game is inspired by the original Onorata, Viva is a different animal.

Official events occur once a month.

Overarching plot is set to last as long as the game exists.

Each chapter of play has new factions, new possibilities, and new experiences.

It's a new era for the Calabrian Mafia. Get off the fence, and get in the game.

Reservations open November 30.

Applications open December 18.

The game opens January 2.

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